Wayforpay – The Online Payment System Revolutionizing Transactions

Experience lightning-fast online transactions with Wayforpay's unique scoring system and advanced risk management solutions.

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Introducing Wayforpay, the leading online payment system in Ukraine licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine. The startup’s lightning-fast operations set it apart from other systems, with its own android system, scoring system, and products in online lending. The company is also licensed by the National Bank of the Czech Republic as an issuer of electronic money. Wayforpay’s offices are located in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, as well as in the EU in Latvia and the Czech Republic, allowing it to operate in the European market in the field of money transfer, make electronic payments, and be a leader in the European market.

Lightning-Fast Transactions and Risk Management Solutions

Wayforpay has implemented many online solutions in the field of risk management. With its own development of a unique platform, Wayforpay operates with hundreds of parameters depending on the type of payer and the availability of data about it in various sources. Using machine learning tools, the system allows real-time tracking of scammers and unscrupulous customers, analyzing IP, behavioral factors, client’s geolocation, device tracking, searches for matches among other payment instruments, validates addresses and customer data. This allows the company to fully automatize the process of scoring payers on cards and reduces the volume of fraud transactions to zero.

Box Solutions for Different Online Businesses

Wayforpay is the easiest way for any business to receive payments from its customers via the site. With over a dozen box solutions for different online businesses, Wayforpay has a tailored solution for all business types. With the company’s advanced risk management solutions and lightning-fast operations, businesses can rest assured that they are receiving secure and efficient transactions.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Wayforpay is the Ukrainian technical partner of VISA to implement the first payment solution based on QR-code technology in Ukraine. The company is dedicated to providing innovative payment solutions for businesses and individuals alike.


Wayforpay is revolutionizing the online payment system with its lightning-fast transactions, advanced risk management solutions, and tailored box solutions for different businesses. With its unique scoring system and innovative payment solutions, Wayforpay is dedicated to providing the best service to businesses and individuals alike. Join Wayforpay and experience the future of online transactions.

Website: https://wayforpay.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wayforpay

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wayforpay/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wayforpay/

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