Unveiling Beijing’s Blockchain Innovators – 15 Startups Leading the Crypto Revolution

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Welcome to YourCryptoPill.com, your go-to source for all things crypto. In this article, we take you on an exciting journey through the bustling streets of Beijing, China, to uncover 15 remarkable blockchain startups that are driving innovation in the industry. From virtual reality platforms to global financial services providers, these companies are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, finance, and the digital world. Join us as we explore the intriguing landscape of Beijing’s blockchain startup ecosystem.


Step into a world of infinite possibilities with Decentraland. This pioneering startup is redefining virtual reality (VR) by creating a metaverse where users can explore and experience novelty. With its integration of blockchain technology, Decentraland allows users to own, trade, and build on virtual land, opening up endless opportunities for creativity and interaction. Dive into the immersive world of Decentraland and witness the future of VR unfold.


Huobi is not just an ordinary cryptocurrency exchange; it is a comprehensive blockchain asset financial services provider. With a wide range of offerings, including exchange, trade, wallet, and storage services, Huobi has established itself as a leading player in the global blockchain industry. With a commitment to security, innovation, and user experience, Huobi continues to shape the future of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and financial technology.

Website: Huobi


IXX.com is a trailblazing digital currency exchange and the world’s first pan-transaction eco-platform for business. By leveraging blockchain technology, IXX.com provides a secure and efficient environment for businesses to engage in cross-border transactions and embrace the digital economy. With a focus on seamless integration and cutting-edge financial solutions, IXX.com is driving the transformation of global commerce.


Gifto is revolutionizing the concept of virtual gifting through blockchain technology. By implementing virtual gifts as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, Gifto enables the creation and exchange of unique digital gifts in various virtual environments. With Gifto, content creators and users alike can experience a new level of interaction and engagement, enhancing the world of blockchain-based virtual reality.


Chainup is a one-stop blockchain technology service company that provides a wide array of solutions. From blockchain infrastructure development to information technology services, Chainup offers comprehensive tools and systems to support businesses in their blockchain endeavors. With its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Chainup has become a trusted partner for enterprises venturing into the world of blockchain.

Cocos Blockchain Expedition

Cocos Blockchain Expedition is on a mission to connect more creators to the crypto world through its public blockchain platform, Cocos-BCX. By providing developers with a robust and scalable infrastructure, Cocos-BCX enables the creation of decentralized applications and the integration of blockchain technology into gaming and entertainment industries. Join the expedition and unlock the potential of blockchain for creators worldwide.


MCDEX is empowering users with a fully permissionless protocol for decentralized perpetual swaps. By leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology, MCDEX enables traders to engage in perpetual swap contracts without the need for intermediaries. With its focus on transparency, security, and user control, MCDEX is reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

Bella Protocol

Bella Protocol offers users a suite of tools to simplify crypto deposits and unlock high-yield opportunities. With its innovative approach to arbitrage strategies, Bella Protocol allows users to deposit their assets and effortlessly generate passive income. Through the power of blockchain, Bella Protocol is revolutionizing the way users interact with decentralized finance and investment opportunities.


Odaily is a leading blockchain media platform in exclusive strategic cooperation with the 36氪 Group. With its comprehensive coverage of blockchain, digital media, news, and social media marketing, Odaily is a trusted source of information and insights for crypto enthusiasts. Stay informed and connected with Odaily as it continues to shape the future of blockchain journalism.

Mars Finance

Mars Finance is a prominent Chinese news and reports platform that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency. With its dedicated coverage of the sector, Mars Finance keeps readers updated with the latest trends, developments, and insights from the world of blockchain and digital assets. Explore the universe of blockchain news with Mars Finance as your guide.

Insight Technology

Insight Technology is revolutionizing data intelligence solutions by combining blockchain technology with multi-party computing, federated learning, and more. With its innovative approach to cyber security and software, Insight Technology provides businesses with secure and privacy-preserving data analytics solutions. Join Insight Technology on its journey to transform the way we harness data intelligence.

Hanhou Group

Hanhou Group focuses on a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and more. With its expertise in in-house algorithms and digital twin technology, Hanhou Group is driving innovation and transformation in various industries. Embrace the future of technology with Hanhou Group as your guide.

Hash World

Step into the world of blockchain gaming with Hash World. As a leading blockchain games platform in China, Hash World is redefining the gaming experience by incorporating blockchain technology into its offerings. Discover a new level of security, transparency, and ownership as you explore the exciting world of blockchain-powered games.


Hoopox provides a wide range of technical services related to blockchain infrastructure, systems, and specialized industries. With its expertise in information services and network hardware, Hoopox is empowering businesses to adopt and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. Join Hoopox on its mission to build a blockchain-driven future.


Mercurity is at the forefront of global real-time payment network services. By harnessing the power of blockchain, Mercurity enables seamless and secure cross-border transactions, transforming the way we think about financial services. Embrace the future of payments with Mercurity as it paves the way for a borderless digital economy.


Beijing, China, stands as a vibrant hub for blockchain innovation, and these 15 startups exemplify the region’s commitment to technological advancement. From virtual reality to financial services, gaming to media, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology. As the crypto revolution unfolds, Beijing’s blockchain startup ecosystem continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology, finance, and beyond. Visit the websites of these visionary startups, explore their offerings, and stay tuned for the groundbreaking developments that lie ahead. Beijing’s blockchain innovators are poised to make a lasting impact on the global stage, and YourCryptoPill.com will be there to bring you the latest updates and insights from the ever-evolving world of crypto.

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