Unleashing Innovation in Philadelphia – Exploring 15 Blockchain Startups Shaping the Future

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Philadelphia, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also home to a thriving blockchain startup scene. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting world of blockchain innovation in Philadelphia and explore 15 dynamic startups that are leveraging this groundbreaking technology to reshape industries. From AI-driven gaming platforms to enterprise-wide smart property systems, these startups are at the forefront of transforming finance, healthcare, entertainment, and more.


PLLAY Labs is an AI-driven video game mobile wagering app that is creating the most exciting competitive gaming entertainment. By integrating blockchain technology, PLLAY Labs enhances transparency, security, and fairness in the gaming industry. Players can compete against each other and place wagers using cryptocurrency, revolutionizing the world of gaming.

Amino Payments

Amino Payments brings transparency to online advertising by eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse. Their blockchain-based payment solutions provide a secure and efficient way for advertisers and publishers to interact, ensuring fair compensation and accurate data analytics. By optimizing ad spending and increasing trust, Amino Payments is revolutionizing the online advertising industry.


Kognition is the developer of the world’s first enterprise-wide, hardware-agnostic Smart Property System. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT), Kognition enhances security and automation in smart buildings and cities. Their comprehensive solution enables real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and efficient resource management, revolutionizing the concept of smart properties.


VO2 is a fan engagement platform that turns observers into stakeholders within their favorite athletes’ communities. Leveraging blockchain technology, VO2 creates a decentralized marketplace for sports fans to participate, interact, and support their favorite athletes. Fans can acquire exclusive digital collectibles and participate in unique experiences, fostering a stronger connection between athletes and their communities.


LawCoin is a litigation finance and digital assets company that leverages blockchain technology to streamline the legal funding process. By tokenizing legal claims and assets, LawCoin provides a more accessible and efficient way for individuals and businesses to finance their legal cases. Their innovative approach democratizes litigation finance and enhances liquidity in the legal industry.

4Ys Partners

4Ys Partners specializes in hiring, career optimization, and recruiting advisory services. By utilizing blockchain technology, they provide a transparent and secure platform for talent acquisition and management. Through data-driven insights and innovative recruitment strategies, 4Ys Partners helps companies build high-performing teams and individuals navigate their career paths successfully.


Zeer offers mobile personal safety software technology that utilizes blockchain, IoT, and machine learning. Their innovative solutions enhance public safety and personal well-being by providing real-time alerts, emergency response capabilities, and location-based services. Zeer’s technology empowers individuals to feel safer and more secure in their daily lives.

Center Source

Center Source is a business process outsourcing firm specializing in crypto payments support. Their expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency allows them to provide comprehensive customer service and technical support to businesses operating in the digital payment space. Center Source ensures smooth and secure crypto transactions, contributing to the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies.


Tupan focuses on environmental regeneration and socioeconomic development. By leveraging blockchain technology, Tupan promotes sustainability and ecological initiatives. Their innovative solutions incentivize environmentally friendly behaviors and provide transparent tracking of impact

, fostering a greener and more sustainable future.


QuickBlocks provides open-source tools for developers and accounting, auditing, and monitoring solutions in the blockchain space. Their comprehensive suite of software enables efficient and accurate data analysis, ensuring transparency and reliability in blockchain systems. QuickBlocks empowers developers and auditors to build and maintain robust blockchain applications.

Casz Consulting

Casz Consulting specializes in Web3 and NFT consulting, offering end-to-end project management services. Their expertise includes smart contract development, NFT marketing, and art generation. Casz Consulting assists individuals and businesses in navigating the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens.


iSolve offers a range of services in biopharma, healthcare, and medical device manufacturing. By integrating blockchain technology, iSolve enhances data security, interoperability, and supply chain management in the healthcare industry. Their solutions drive innovation, efficiency, and trust, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Three North Management

Three North Management is an investment and consulting firm that utilizes data and technology to help companies make smarter decisions. With expertise in blockchain, big data, and software, Three North Management assists clients in navigating the complex landscape of cryptocurrencies, financial services, and business development. Their data-driven approach empowers companies to seize growth opportunities and achieve success.


KRE8 tokens power the Art Bloq, Fashion Bloq, and Makeup Bloq spokes of the ecosystem, utilizing IoT and blockchain. KRE8 fosters creativity and decentralization in the art and fashion industries. By providing artists and creators with new avenues for expression and monetization, KRE8 is revolutionizing the way art and fashion are produced, consumed, and appreciated.

Kashyak Technologies

Kashyak Technologies specializes in blockchain development, cloud computing, and cloud migration. Their innovative solutions enhance data security, scalability, and efficiency. Kashyak Technologies empowers businesses to leverage the benefits of blockchain and cloud technologies, driving digital transformation and enabling seamless data management.


Philadelphia’s blockchain startup ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation, attracting entrepreneurs and visionaries who are reshaping industries with blockchain technology. The 15 companies featured in this article represent a diverse range of sectors, from gaming and advertising to healthcare and sustainability. With their groundbreaking solutions and pioneering spirit, these startups are propelling Philadelphia to the forefront of blockchain innovation, solidifying its position as a thriving hub for technology and entrepreneurship.

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