Unearthing the Crypto Revolution: 15 Pioneering Startups in Gurgaon, Haryana

A Comprehensive Showcase of Gurgaon's Thriving Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

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1. NFTically: Empowering Businesses with NFT Solutions

NFTically offers a whitelabel no-code NFT storefront, API, tools, and infrastructure to help businesses enable or launch NFTs in their operations. Founders Rohendra Singh and Toshendra Sharma are focused on expanding blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption through e-commerce and information technology solutions.

2. Strive: Combining NFTs and E-Learning

Strive is a Web3 startup in the NFT space, blending cryptocurrency and e-learning to create a unique platform. Though the founders remain anonymous, their innovative vision has captured the attention of the industry.

3. Hapramp Studio: Blockchain-Powered Social Media

Hapramp Studio is an internet company specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and social media. Founders Ankit Kumar, Mofid Ansari, and Pratyush Singh are dedicated to reshaping the online landscape through decentralized technology.

4. QuillHash Technologies: Blockchain Development and Audits

QuillHash Technologies offers private and public blockchain development, blockchain audits, smart contract development, and dex development. Founders Mithil Thakore and Preetam Rao bring expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality to the table.

5. Koinpr: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Marketing

Koinpr is a marketing agency specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain promotion. Their focus on the blockchain, news, and marketing industries allows them to deliver tailored services to their clients.

6. Heru Finance: Simplifying Crypto Portfolios

Heru Finance allows users to invest in crypto portfolios designed by industry veterans with just a few clicks. Founder Ganesh Kompella aims to make the world of cryptocurrency, finance, and fintech more accessible to everyone.

7. Todayq: Crypto Trading and Investment

Todayq specializes in cryptocurrency trading and investment, as well as blockchain technology. Founder Varun Goel is committed to expanding the reach of financial services through digital assets.

8. Almora: Catalyzing Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Almora works to catalyze blockchain and cryptocurrencies, offering services in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial services, and information technology industries. Founders Evan Luthra and Vajahaath Hussain are focused on making these technologies more widespread and accessible.

9. 39k Group: High Frequency Crypto Trading

39k Group is a high-frequency trading firm engaged in market-making across crypto and equity markets. Founders Danish Hasan and Mohan Subramanian bring cutting-edge trading strategies to the world of cryptocurrency.

10. Masmic: Knowledge Sharing on the Blockchain

Masmic is a platform that makes knowledge sharing fun and rewarding, utilizing blockchain and social media technologies. Founders Rohit Jindal, Vibhay Sachan, and Vivek Agarwal aim to create a vibrant marketplace for users to share and learn.

11. Darwin Lab Private Limited: Evolutionary Blockchain Applications

Darwin Lab Private Limited builds applications on blockchain and other technologies to help mankind evolve. Founders Ayush Varshney and Sahil Baghla are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and information technology to create a better future.

12. QuadraPay: E-Check Processing and POS Solutions

QuadraPay offers e-check processing with POS machine-based payment solutions for merchants across various sectors. The company’s focus on cryptocurrency, financial services, and point-of-sale technologies ensures seamless and secure transactions.

13. Oodles Blockchain: Custom Hyperledger Development Services

Oodles Blockchain is one of the leading hyperledger development companies in India. They provide custom hyperledger development services, catering to the unique needs of businesses in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech industries.

14. CryptoniumX: Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

CryptoniumX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to manage all their digital assets portfolio. Founder Sushant Ardent is committed to delivering a seamless and secure trading experience for users in the cryptocurrency, fintech, information technology, and internet industries.

15. Btchunts: News and Insights on the Blockchain Economy

Btchunts is a news publication covering new trends in blockchain, providing expert analysis and insights on the matters that shape today’s economy. The platform focuses on cryptocurrency, internet, news, and publishing industries, ensuring readers stay informed about the latest developments.

In conclusion, Gurgaon’s thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem showcases a diverse range of innovative startups, each contributing to the ongoing growth and adoption of digital assets and blockchain technologies. As these companies continue to break new ground, they pave the way for the future of finance, technology, and society at large.

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