ThunderCore – The Fastest, Lowest Cost EVM-Compatible Blockchain

Introducing a Breakthrough Consensus Protocol that Overcomes the Scalability Trilemma

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As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, blockchain technology is at the forefront of innovation. ThunderCore, a California-based blockchain company, has introduced a breakthrough consensus protocol that is disrupting the traditional understanding of blockchain scalability. In this startup showcase, we will explore how ThunderCore is transforming the blockchain landscape with its EVM-compatible public blockchain and native currency, TT.

The Vision behind ThunderCore

ThunderCore’s vision is to create a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that can meet the needs of mainstream businesses and consumers alike. The company’s founders recognized that the current blockchain solutions were facing challenges in terms of scalability, security, and cost. With that in mind, ThunderCore was established to offer a blockchain that is scalable, secure, and affordable, without compromising on decentralization.

ThunderCore’s Scalability Solution

The scalability of blockchain technology has always been a major concern for developers and users alike. ThunderCore has taken a major step towards solving this problem with its innovative PaLa consensus protocol. PaLa stands for “Parallel Lightweight Algorithm,” and it allows for parallel processing of blocks, enabling the ThunderCore network to achieve 4,000+ transactions per second (TPS) with 1-second confirmation times. In addition, ThunderCore’s gas fees are incredibly low, costing less than a fraction of a cent, making it one of the most affordable blockchain solutions on the market.

ThunderCore’s EVM Compatibility

ThunderCore is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, meaning that it can support decentralized applications (dApps) built on the Ethereum network. This compatibility makes it easier for developers to transition from Ethereum to ThunderCore, without having to learn a new programming language. ThunderCore is also compatible with other popular Ethereum tools and services, such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Remix.

ThunderCore’s Global User Base

ThunderCore’s innovative technology has gained traction around the world, with a user base spanning more than 190 countries. The platform has been used to build a wide range of applications, including gaming, finance, and social media. ThunderCore has also partnered with several notable companies in the blockchain industry, including Chainlink and Kyber Network, to further advance its ecosystem.


ThunderCore is a game-changing blockchain solution that is transforming the way we think about scalability, security, and affordability. Its PaLa consensus protocol, EVM compatibility, and global user base make it a platform to watch in the blockchain industry. With its mission to create a decentralized infrastructure that can serve the needs of mainstream businesses and consumers, ThunderCore is poised to lead the next phase of blockchain innovation.





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