The Finance App That Rewards You With Crypto

Discover Plutus, the London-based startup that combines modern banking with access to cryptocurrencies, offering a rewarding Visa debit card that gives you back 3% in crypto every time you spend.

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Plutus is a London-based startup that offers a unique financial app designed to provide users with access to both fiat and cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial wallet. The app includes a decentralised exchange that allows users to swap between asset types and a Visa debit card that rewards them with 3% back in crypto every time they spend.

Plutus is more than just a finance app; it’s a revolution in banking that combines the ease of modern banking with access to cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Danial Daychopan, Plutus has grown to become a popular choice among thousands of users across Europe.

Non-custodial Wallet

One of the standout features of the Plutus app is its non-custodial wallet, which provides users with full control over their assets. This means that Plutus does not hold your funds, and you are the only person who has access to your private keys. This is a critical feature for those who value their privacy and security, as it eliminates the risk of funds being stolen or hacked.

Decentralised Exchange

The Plutus app also includes a decentralised exchange that allows users to swap between fiat and cryptocurrencies seamlessly. This means that users can convert their crypto holdings into fiat currencies or vice versa without the need for a third-party exchange.

Visa Debit Card

The Plutus Visa debit card is a rewarding addition to the app that provides users with 3% back in crypto every time they make a purchase. This is a significant benefit for those who frequently use their debit card for everyday purchases. Additionally, users who stake Pluton (PLU) tokens can unlock additional rewards of up to 15% at selected household brand names.


In conclusion, Plutus is a groundbreaking startup that combines modern banking with access to cryptocurrencies. The app’s non-custodial wallet, decentralised exchange, and rewarding Visa debit card make it a popular choice among users across Europe. With Plutus, users can enjoy the best of both worlds – the security and control of their assets, combined with the convenience of a modern banking app.




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