Startup Showcase ChangeNOW: The Instant Crypto Exchange Service Revolutionizing the Industry

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Are you tired of signing up for numerous cryptocurrency exchanges just to trade a few different coins? Do you worry about the security of your funds on centralized exchanges? Look no further than ChangeNOW, the limitless non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange service, changing the game with its user-friendly platform and sign-up free environment.

Introducing ChangeNOW: The Instant Crypto Exchange Service

ChangeNOW is a web platform created for simple exchanges of more than 600 cryptocurrencies and about 60 fiats – no signups necessary. With its non-custodial model of funds management and a sign-up free environment, ChangeNOW is accelerating crypto mass adoption worldwide by making it easy, safe, and secure to interact with. ChangeNOW has more than 70,000 trading pairs available for exchange and does not hold any limits; the platform’s clients can swap as much as they want – account-free, worry-free, faster than light.

Simple and Efficient Crypto Trading

With ChangeNOW, users no longer need to create an account or go through a long verification process to start trading. The platform offers a straightforward and streamlined trading experience, allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies instantly. You can buy cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard for almost 60 fiat currencies through ChangeNOW’s third-party partner.

ChangeNOW boasts one of the most extensive lists of tradable cryptocurrencies in the industry, with over 600 cryptocurrencies available for exchange. Additionally, ChangeNOW is one of the most suitable places for trading DeFi coins, providing users with a dedicated DeFi portal where they can explore and trade the latest decentralized finance tokens.

Secure and Trustworthy Transactions

ChangeNOW’s non-custodial model ensures that users’ funds are always safe and secure. The platform’s decentralized architecture eliminates the need for a middleman, reducing the risk of hacking and fraudulent activity. Moreover, the platform partners with reputable liquidity providers and performs thorough security checks on each transaction to guarantee its legitimacy.

Ecosystem of Products

ChangeNOW offers more than just an exchange platform; it provides its users with a full ecosystem of products, including a non-custodial NOW Wallet and NOW Tracker. The NOW Wallet is a simple and secure wallet that allows users to store, send, and receive a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. The NOW Tracker is a portfolio tracker that provides users with real-time information on their cryptocurrency holdings.


ChangeNOW is an all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency traders, offering instant exchanges of more than 600 cryptocurrencies and about 60 fiats. The platform’s non-custodial model and sign-up free environment ensure that users’ funds are always safe and secure. Moreover, ChangeNOW provides its users with a full ecosystem of products, including a non-custodial NOW Wallet and NOW Tracker, making it a convenient and reliable choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.





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