Sophie: Autowhale Offers Fair-priced and Fully Customizable Market-making Services (SAAS) To Projects Who Want To Safeguard Their Tokens Against Extreme Volatility

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Autowhale was founded in 2019 by Tom and Sophie, who had an intense passion for the new&evolving crypto space and both have years fo experience in this field. But especially back then, inflated market caps and fake volume made trading hard, especially for new and lower cap projects. Autowhale offers fair-priced and fully customizable market-making services (SaaS) to projects who want to safeguard their tokens against extreme volatility, bulk sells and other critical market events to keep their tokenomics in check and markets overall healthy. Soon we will be upgrading our existing models by way of leveraging machine-learning as a way to make the algos as effective and poriftable as possible.

On top of that, we launched – a ranking site and blog where new and upcoming projects can release articles – for free! We know how hard it is to start out in this industry and want to help promising start-ups succeed. We strongly believe in this space and want to help it mature and keep markets healthy, token projects profitable and traders happy. Eventually we plan to launch our own fund with competitive market- and innovative governance strategies in place to bring the full potential of cutting-edge assets to fruition for investors.

Tell us about yourself?

Tom and Husein are the experts at Autowhale when it comes to technical strategy, implementation and development of the software, algos etc. and they’re the ones with university backgrounds in IT. I am more of a lateral entrant, although I have done some webdesign etc. myself in the past. I was always into technology and computers – but I have been fascinated with the crypto space in particular and its endless possibilities for over 5 years now, I did take courses on the topic and most importantly I stay up-to-date daily in this constantly evolving industry. I also worked in marketing and communications and studied philosophy which enables me to think “big picture” and navigate through complex topics and issues that arise. I enjoy challenges and problem solving a lot and I love to communicate and connect with people! However I would maintain that one of my biggest assets is my undying passion for this space – I am a bit of a nerd at heart and the creativity in this field knows no bounds which is why it has kept on intriguing me for so long.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

That’s a good and tough question! Probably to believe in yourself and your vision even more and go even harder, without ever getting sidetracked. And to keep learning, understanding and growing – as a person and a business – you can never “know too much”!

What problem does your business solve?

Autowhale: We make markets. We help to make markets more stable, healthy and – of course – profitable!

What is the inspiration behind your business?

To everyupside there is a downside. And crypto being so new and innovative including the huge profits that are possible has created a lot of chaos and a lot of people trying to simply graze off high proifts fast without providing any real value. We want to help this industry mature, help new and innovative projects succeed to fulfill their potential and their vision without being thwarted by bad actors or the extreme volatility that many young token projects face. Healthy markets – happy traders – sustainable businesses, this is what we want to see and this is what we want to help create with our progressive machine learning software solutions.

What is your magic sauce?

Like every good sauce recipe our algo and trading secrets will remain that – a secret! However, being a start-up ourselves, we know that starting out can be tough. That is why we offer very competitive and fair-prices while still offering great customer service like 24/7 monitoring and reporting, as well as offering fully customizable solutions that perfectly fit the requirements, needs and possibilities of our clients. One of the key things that will set us further apart are the new machine-learning based algo solutions currently in development by the team. We believe this will mean a huge competitive edge since this is also a field that is still being only discovered and conquered by devs in this area. But again, the rest of the sauce will stay secret!

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

First off, we will further grow the business, since investors keep approaching that gives us space for that, as well as developing, launching and evolving the machine-learning powered trading algorithms. The overall growth rates in crypto are still exponential and we plan to leverage that. However, like I have said before, eventually we plan to not only become the go-to place for algo/ML based market making but also to establish a fund and build a smart structure for investors to increase profits in a big yet controlled way. We’d like to become a pillar for the industry in this area so as to help make the crypto space an even more attractive and safe place for traders, projects and investors.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Crypto is highly volatile and as a company operating with markets that have crazy high volatility at times – we have not only felt the optimism during bull- but also felt the impact of extended bear markets. Another interesting factor is that, even though everyone works so remotely and internationally – the best results when it comes to client acquisition often still come from meeting face to face in the real world. That is how you can create trust in a very volatile space. However, due to the pandemic we were extremely limited with travels and couldn’t attent many conferences and meet-ups which I am sure made us miss out on some opportunities we could’ve otherwise scooped up. But we’re still optimistic for the future and by now, everyone is even more used to only working remotely and doing meetings digitally that we are confident about the future, even with the pandemic still ongoing. However, I am very much looking forward to discussing with like-minded people over a cup of coffee in a beautiful city again.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

As for Autowhale, we currently work with many different crypto projects and start-ups internationally! If you are still in need of solid and fair-priced, customizable market-making, drop us a line! On top of that we can also help upcoming projects with getting listed on exchanges and advise on tokenomics or make some introductions through out network etc. And if you’d like to publish an article about your project on – for free – also just send an email to us/me directly:
[email protected] / [email protected]

I am looking forward to reading your messages – Stay safe&profitable!

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