Sardine – Combating Fraud in the Digital Economy

Sardine is a Fraud Prevention and Compliance Software Company Enabling Quick and Risk-Free Payments

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As the digital economy grows, fraud and compliance concerns grow with it. Payment delays, high fraud rates, and other risks slow corporate growth and put the economy at systemic risk, making fraud a cost to society. Enter Sardine, a Miami-based fraud prevention and compliance software company that aims to make payments quick and risk-free for both customers and companies.

Best-in-class Fraud Detection and Compliance

Sardine is on a mission to enable any business, large or small, to enhance its risk management. They provide access to the best API for financial services fraud detection and compliance, which empowers companies to identify and mitigate potential risks quickly. With a simple integration process, businesses can rapidly start using Sardine’s software to improve their security and avoid costly compliance penalties.

Instant Settlement for NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

Sardine is also committed to enabling instant settlement for NFT and cryptocurrency transactions. The platform provides a unique solution to the challenge of verifying and authenticating digital assets in real-time, while also ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. With Sardine, businesses can benefit from streamlined payments and a lower risk of fraud and compliance issues, while also providing customers with a better experience.

Innovative Technologies for Maximum Security

Sardine uses innovative technologies to maximize security, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are used to analyze data from a variety of sources, including social media, government databases, and other publicly available information. By analyzing this data, Sardine can identify and prevent fraud before it happens, allowing businesses to focus on growth and expansion without worrying about security risks.


Sardine is a fraud prevention and compliance software company that empowers businesses of all sizes to improve their risk management and streamline their payments. With best-in-class fraud detection and compliance features, along with innovative technologies for maximum security, Sardine is poised to become a leading provider of fraud prevention and compliance software for the digital economy.




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