Sandeep Jindal: Blockchain With a Heart for the Community Promoting Security and Earning by Integrating the Hybrid Blockchain Architecture

ANB Blockchain: A blockchain with a heart for the community promoting security and earning by integrating the hybrid blockchain architecture. A Blockchain of the People by the People.

Tell us about yourself?

With almost 8 years experience in the field of entrepreneurship, as a founder of ANB Blockchain, over 8 years since this idea has been formulated but only year 2021 has given a shape. I am Sandeep Jindal an ordinary business person, lived in India. I travel in different countries and see the advantage of technology firstly in my own hand.

My first encounter to blockchain is knowing bitcoin and I’ve seen a bitcoin ATM, also I become an investor.

I know blockchain can help in many forms but I wasn’t convince yet for I also got rug and loss a lot of money with this platform but it doesn’t stop me from studying this technology, therefore I engage to different people, I hear different real stories its inspires me to do something and find a way how to build a blockchain that has a vision not just to trade but blockchain is more than trading, it can build a young developers dream and it can turn ideas into reality.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

I should have build ANB 2 years back. When the world was hit by pandemic, I saw traditional businesses got bankrupt.

The pandemic give me a strong will and answer that, blockchain as a technology and a tool to deliver service is a need but it has to be use in a right way. I’ve seen most blockchains allow rug-pulls within there chains I lost 15k and more because the token projects are scammed, then I start to build and meet investors who got scammed too.

We share same experience, we understand the ordinary people. Everything has a right time, those experiences from the past help me build the blockchain of the future not only from its architecture but also to its humanly heart of mission and vision that can last even 80 years.

What problem does your business solve?

ANB Blockchain solves the following:

1. High gas fee of other blockchains -To ANB the gas is nearly zero ($0.000001: 1ANB coin can develop 10,000 tokenized projects) main reason why it is made that way is, we wanted to support young developers to learn blockchain technology. We look up to future generation. ANB is for them, we want them to learn to build so that they can stand on there own. ANB give them support by lowering the gas fee. The company that is bankrupt or only having $1 on pocket has a hope to hold ANB coin and develop a token which they can use to deliver service whether in trade and finance and all.

2. Security- ANB is design in hybrid Ethereum by integrating IBFT (Istanbul Byzantine Fault-Tolerant- Filters) and Bonsai Tries Data Storage (this lowers the bytes and hackers will cry to crack it). It also has a Docker container and a PoA/PoS consensus.

3. Paperless Transactions- ANB can be use in real world cases and not only for hyping.

4. Scalability

5. Validator Opportunity (only 1000ANB coin hold) ANB wanted everyone to have ANB ownership like a family.

6. Language barrier problem in terms of video conferencing, ANB wanted to develop an AI app, if a person speaks chinese the others can listen to english in real time so that we cut the language problem that hinder business transactions and so on.

7. Blockchain solves all problems.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

Young generations and ordinary people who is working hard everyday but is not given opportunity and they also took a risk but not guided. ANB is for the people for all of us.

What is your magic sauce?

I have a heart and we treat everyone as family not just business and blockchain is the brain. If we are given a chance to learn a technology, we should use this to empower and help not just for only business goals but for humanitarian. Also having a heart means creating values and doing what is right and having a strong stand of “No rug-pulls allowed within the chain” .

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

For the Next 5 years ANB is looking for ward to build more opportunities and utilize blockchain is real world cases also ANB will develop solutions to problems, currently ANB created a solution to Traders loss time by building PICASWAP (Dex-bridge-multichain) and as follows
– ANB build Progressive Web App wallet- this design economically so that ordinary people can learn to stake, for staking is a consensus that is important factor in a blockchain.
– AI technology including building decentralized and centralized platforms in tokenized environment and many more.
– Build blockchain scholars and provide earnings for middle-income earning people.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Mass education to what really a blockchain technology is all about, there are many ponzi schemes that circulates and uses blockchain and cryptocurrency in a wrong way. This problem needs to be cut by gradual education and never ending motivation, encouragement and so on. Also, only 5% of the total population knows blockchain and its potential, most only knew blockchain as to pump and dump but its just a little of what it can do.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

In india, I have a business and we have people and business partners. We do seminars and educating everyone because for us, knowledge of teaching people about many things means we are providing them ways so that they can attain financial freedom.

We also partner with influencers and other angel investors who wanted to be part of this amazing technology that really has a feasible vision and not just mere imagination. We have social media account which we just started a month ago to have digital appearance aside from offline appearance.

We plan to partner with crypto listings, so that once we develop projects we can list those tokens, and people can see that its always a potential project.

We plan to engage the different business sectors to use ANB blockchain for we give assurance of tight security and architecture.

We want the ordinary collaborations, those company that doesn’t have a name yet for we want them to succeed, those who are already big, they can stand, but those who doesn’t have yet, we will become there arms. We are open for huge companies, but it should be lined with our vision to help and bring a real change.

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