Rokfin – The Ultimate Platform for Content Creators

A Blockchain-Powered Subscription Platform for Creators and Their Followers

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Rokfin is a blockchain-powered platform for content creators and owners to bundle their offerings in a subscription. It provides a practical application of blockchain technology to enable creators to seamlessly compensate their followers for the value they generate, retaining them and expanding their network. The company offers a range of features that make it one of the best subscription platforms for creators.

A Seamless Compensation Model

The Rokfin platform offers a unique compensation model that allows content creators to reward their customers for the value they generate. By using blockchain technology, the platform automatically tracks and distributes the revenue generated by customers to the creators who contributed to it. This model ensures that creators are paid for their work and incentivizes them to create more content for their followers.

Easy to Use Creator Dashboard

Rokfin provides creators with a user-friendly dashboard that allows them to easily manage their subscriptions, monitor their performance, and communicate with their followers. With the dashboard, creators can track their revenue, view analytics, and customize their offerings. The platform also allows creators to download their email list of followers, giving them complete control over their audience.

Expert Team

The founding executives of Rokfin are experts in consumer marketing, content acquisition, product development, data science/analytics, and recent graduates from Penn University. They previously developed FloSports, a leading OTT, subscription sports platform consumed by several hundred million fans worldwide. The team’s expertise and experience have enabled them to create a platform that meets the needs of both creators and followers.


Rokfin is a platform that is changing the way content creators interact with their followers. With its blockchain-powered compensation model, easy-to-use creator dashboard, and expert team, Rokfin is quickly becoming the go-to platform for content creators who want to monetize their work and connect with their followers. Rokfin is an excellent platform for creators looking for a simple and efficient way to manage their subscriptions and reward their followers.




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