Revolutionizing Web3 User Acquisition and Retention

The No-Code Solution for Acquiring and Engaging Web3 Users

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In the fast-evolving world of web3, acquiring and retaining users is a major challenge for businesses. Layer3 has recognized this challenge and is offering a solution to address it. The platform enables web3 customers to acquire, retain, and engage their users using no-code tools.

No-Code User Acquisition and Retention

Layer3’s no-code tools enable customers to create milestones for new or returning users through any set of on-chain actions. This makes it easier for businesses to acquire users and drive user engagement through powerful storytelling techniques such as bounties and quests.

Layer3’s Milestone Framework Layer3’s milestone framework is designed to incentivize user actions that matter to businesses. The framework includes milestones for new user acquisition, user retention, referral bonuses, and more. With Layer3, businesses can easily create milestones based on their specific goals and needs, without the need for technical expertise.

Layer3’s Success Stories

Layer3 has already driven over 10 million on-chain interactions across top dapps, including Coinbase Cloud, Hashflow, Slingshot, Stargate, Aave, 1inch, and more. This is a testament to the effectiveness of their platform in helping businesses acquire and retain users in the web3 ecosystem.


Layer3 is a game-changer in the world of web3 user acquisition and retention. Their no-code tools and milestone framework provide businesses with an easy and effective way to acquire, retain, and engage users in the web3 ecosystem. With Layer3, businesses can focus on their core operations while leaving the user acquisition and retention to the experts.




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