Revolutionizing Wealth Management – Passiv’s Automated Investing Solution

The Canadian Startup Empowering Self-Directed Investors to Take Control of Their Finances

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Are you tired of the high fees associated with traditional wealth management solutions? Do you want to take control of your investments but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Passiv, the Canadian startup that is revolutionizing the world of wealth management.

Startup Showcase

Passiv: Automated Investing for Self-Directed Investors

Founded in 2017 by Brendan Lee Young and Brendan Wood, Passiv is an online platform that allows self-directed investors to automate their investments. The platform turns a user’s brokerage account into a personalized robo-advisor, allowing them to construct a balanced portfolio using any tradable securities.

One of the unique features of Passiv is its ability to keep a user’s portfolio balanced according to their target. When a user’s portfolio drifts off target, Passiv will alert them and provide suggestions for trades to bring it back in line. Passiv also notifies users when new cash and dividends are available for allocation.

Simplifying Trading with Batch Trading

Passiv makes trading simple and fast with its batch trading feature. When it’s time to make trades, Passiv will batch all of a user’s trades, so they can be placed in seconds. This feature saves users time and ensures that their trades are executed efficiently. Passiv’s batch trading also helps users save money on trading fees. Instead of placing multiple trades throughout the day, Passiv will batch all trades into a single transaction, reducing the number of trading fees paid.

Low-Cost Wealth Management Solution

Passiv offers a low-cost alternative to traditional wealth management solutions. Instead of paying high fees to a financial advisor, users can automate their investments with Passiv and save money in the process. Passiv’s pricing model is straightforward and affordable. The basic plan is free, and users can upgrade to a premium plan for additional features and support. Premium plans start at just $99 per year, making Passiv an excellent choice for investors of all levels.


Passiv is a startup that is disrupting the world of wealth management. Its automated investing solution empowers self-directed investors to take control of their finances and make informed investment decisions. With its innovative features, low-cost pricing model, and user-friendly platform, Passiv is a must-try for anyone looking to simplify their investment process.





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