NiftyKit – The Simplest Way to Create, Manage, and Sell NFTs

Empower your creativity and build your community with NiftyKit's easy-to-use platform for NFT creation and management.

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Are you an artist, brand, or business looking to enter the world of NFTs? Look no further than NiftyKit, the SaaS platform that provides simple tools for creators to mint, list, and sell digital collectibles without needing knowledge about blockchain or crypto. With NiftyKit, you can unlock new economic opportunities and build your community by making it easy to create, manage, and sell NFTs.

Simplicity and Accessibility

NiftyKit’s user-friendly platform allows creators to customize and create their custom-branded tokens in minutes, not days. You don’t need cryptocurrency to mint your first NFT, making it more accessible for creators to harness the opportunity of the NFT space with ease. The application provides simple tools for artists to mint NFTs on either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain, making it a simple and straightforward process.

Subscription-based Service

As a subscription-based service, NiftyKit offers a variety of plans for creators to choose from, starting as low as $9.99. Each plan offers unlimited NFT minting on Polygon, customizable smart contract add-ons, and other tools to help creators launch unique experiences that build community, generate more leads, and close more sales. The subscription-based service ensures that creators have access to all the tools they need to create and manage their NFTs without any additional hidden fees or costs.

Unlock New Economic Opportunities

With NiftyKit, creators can unlock new economic opportunities by selling their NFTs directly through the platform with a simple, fiat-based experience. The platform is dedicated to helping creators build their community and generate more leads by providing customizable smart contract add-ons and other tools to help launch unique experiences that build community.


NiftyKit is the simplest way for creators, brands, and businesses to get started with NFTs and smart contracts. With its easy-to-use platform, subscription-based service, and dedication to empowering creativity and building communities, NiftyKit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to enter the world of NFTs. Join NiftyKit and unlock new economic opportunities while building your community.



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