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In a world where every penny counts and people are becoming more socially conscious, nefsy, the eat for a good cause dine-in app, has come to offer a unique solution to dining while supporting a worthy cause. Operating in the F&B industry with a strong focus on charity, nefsy’s aim is to make food donations a lifestyle where people can donate daily at no extra cost.

nefsy’s solution is simple

Choose from a variety of your favorite restaurants and feed the needy at no extra cost every time you eat. With their global copyrighted solution of buy one feed one, every time someone dines at one of their partner restaurants, nefsy donates the cost of a meal to those in need, allowing users to do good with every meal they eat.

The idea of nefsy came to fruition in November 2019, and since then, the company has been working tirelessly to make a difference in people’s lives. Through their partnerships with the Dubai Government, Emirates Red Crescent, Islamic Affairs & Charity Activities Department, and UAE Food Bank, nefsy has donated over 80,000+ meals to those in need.

Simple and user-friendly interface

nefsy’s app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for anyone to donate while enjoying their meal. Users can browse through a range of restaurants, cafes, and food chains to find a meal that appeals to them, knowing that they’re doing good at the same time. The app’s interface is straightforward, with a straightforward process to select your meal, choose your payment method, and complete your order.

nefsy’s donation process is also transparent, with users receiving a message confirming that their meal has been donated to someone in need. Users can also keep track of the meals they have donated, creating a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment knowing they are contributing to a worthy cause.

Partnering with restaurants and cafes

nefsy’s success is not just based on their innovative idea but also on the partnerships they have built with local restaurants and cafes. The company has partnered with some of the most popular F&B outlets in the UAE, including SushiArt, The Coffee Club, and Circle Cafe, among many others. These partnerships allow users to enjoy their favorite meals while supporting a good cause.

nefsy has also partnered with food chains, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Hardee’s, allowing users to donate meals at these fast-food outlets. nefsy has demonstrated that everyone can contribute to charity, regardless of their budget or preferred dining choice.


nefsy is a socially responsible startup that has taken a new approach to the traditional dining experience. By allowing users to donate meals with every order, nefsy has created a platform that enables people to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Their innovative idea, combined with their partnerships with local restaurants and cafes, has made it easy for anyone to support a good cause while enjoying their favorite meal. As nefsy continues to grow and expand globally, their positive impact on society is sure to grow with them.




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