May Mahboob: World’s First Decentralized 360 Solution bank in the photorealistic Metaverse

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Meta Bank Defi: World’s First Decentralized 360 Solution bank in the photorealistic Metaverse. A financial district where individuals can become their own bank.

Meta Bank Defi will be the world’s first decentralized 360-degree solution bank leveraging the benefits from TWB, a BEP-20, Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible, official token of Meta Bank Defi, which aims to let people decide the terms themselves.

The goal of the project is to meet the needs of banks in countries around the world, especially immature ones, and to bring everyone into the digital age of banking in a truly decentralized way. Meta Bank Defi has the futuristic vision of blending the Augmented as well as Virtual reality using the cross-metaverse for a broader approach.

Our vision is to build an entirely new cross-chain Metaverse capability for the next level of communication, e-commerce, entertainment and a place to live. We are building the cross-chain VR protocol integration for people to build on in the Metaverses.

Meta Bank Defi is a cross chain Virtual Reality World protocol, empowered by blockchain technology where everyone can buy land, build or import objects, use realistic avatar passport and scripts, easily monetize their experiences and immerse themselves into a completely alternative reality.

Meta Bank Defi is a place where you can come and experience the unknown, do the impossible, meet, work and have fun with people thousands of miles away in any Metaverse.

We at Meta Bank Defi are making that vision a reality.

Blockchain economy inside Meta Bank Defi EMPOWERS ALL GLOBALCITIZENS, no matter
race, sex, wealth, political views, and religion. The future will start with people using VR platforms to mimic or enhance real life but will grow into a completely new world for people to express themselves in new ways, new unheard-of services, and business models to emerge and for new companies to launch.

Meta Bank Defi is a cross chain Virtual Reality World protocol, empowered by blockchain technology where everyone can buy land, build or import objects, use realistic avatar passport and scripts, easily monetize their experiences and immerse themselves into a completely alternative reality. Virtual Reality is here, and the future looks amazing.

Tell us about yourself?

May is a visionary, Growth-minded CEO with a solid track record of successfully transforming global brick and mortar companies into innovative market leaders, while maximizing investor returns. Executive leadership and operating experience in both private equity owned and publicly traded companies, across all stages of growth and value creation.

She has driven breakthrough results and P&L performance in Omni-channel specialty retail, direct to consumer, wholesale and new business channels for companies and major brands in beauty, health & wellness, and consumer products. She has devoted her career in growing brands globally that values and campaigns change with a massive global reach and platform.

She is a results-oriented, people-centric leader who creates a path for rapid growth. She collaborates with team members and implements innovative technology functions to drive growth and innovation roadmap focused on the consumer and white space in the marketplace.

She is a high energy leader with a proven ability to scale global businesses and build high performing organizations, resulting in double digit revenue and earnings growth. May is Skilled at transforming businesses by creating a strong vision, robust strategy, high performing organization and innovating with technology.

She has a reputation for driving change and innovation. She is an accomplished business leader who thrives on energizing and challenging others and building businesses through high-performing teams. She is a strong champion of talent, holding all to the highest standards of excellence, transparency, and accountability.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

No matter how large your vision may seem. Continue to stay focused on the impact you make no matter the size. Because every action gets you closer to your vision.

What problem does your business solve?

Currently, the centralized banking system has placed sole authority over people’s personal finances and banking in the hands of large- scale banks and financial entities. Meta Bank Defi will deliberately put the power back to their rightful owners.

Meta Bank Defi will not just minimize the control over the assets but completely revoke them by altogether removing go-betweens and transfer it back to their rightful owners. As a result, people will have complete control over their finances and will be able to execute transactions according to their own conditions effortlessly.

Accessibility is one of the prime factors Meta Bank Defi is focusing on. For an average person, gaining access to a well-functioning digital finance system is simply too time-consuming. Meta Bank Defi completely overcomes this problem by giving users an easy- to-use system that allows them to go about their daily lives and make any transactions they require.

There’s no denying that many traditional banks and financial organizations rely on borderline outdated security measures to keep sensitive information out of the hands of hackers. The decentralized system of Meta Bank Defi is far more secure thanks to the inherent benefits of blockchain. Meta Bank Defi will not only make banking more accessible and pleasant but also more secure on every single step.

Meta Bank Defi will be implementing the crypto-based solutions to see through all the red areas and focus on what’s important instead of concerning themselves with licensing and authorization entities.

Thanks to a DeFi solution like Meta Bank Defi, Platform users will be able to set their own terms without having to deal with the terms set by the bank or any financial institution they used before, promoting “ Friendly Banking.”

What is the inspiration behind your business?

I have always given back in as many ways that I can which includes helping girls in underdeveloped countries receive education by paying for their tuition.

The group that I work with found a brothel where 10, 12, 15-year-old girls are slaves of sex trafficking, their wish was to have someone marry them so they can escape a slow Monday workday which consists of 8-10 men who visit them.

When I saw that story, I felt an immediate calling that I had to figure out a way to help and free those girls. We can watch documentaries and write checks, but what if we were able to see though their eyes, experience moments in their shoes? Would that change how we view the situation and drive us to want to do more?

That’s When I met Fred Dhal, Co-Founder & President of TechWaze XR. Fred was born in Sri Lanka but grew up in Stockholm after being adopted by his Swedish parents.

Following high school in the US, he went on to study at University in Australia, and decided he was drawn to giving back and being part of the solution. Fred has always had a love of writing and for non-fiction, awarded International Book awards 2020.

He continued his involvement in charity work specifically with children, constantly reminded by the Dalai Lama quote – ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’

We decided to create a technology with a full 360 platform for organizations in all industries that provides instant solution by utilizing “See through my eyes” feature that unites us all.

Once We are in the market, we want to free children and provide them with our technology and a safe environment where they can have access to developed countries resources like education, healthcare, therapy, adoption opportunities by seeing through our eyes and communicating via instant language translation of up to 60 languages through our headset.

We are chasing the cause, a way for our brand to turn its resources into charitable giving to create positive change in the world.

What is your magic sauce?

The most unique thing about us is that not only are we all about transparency, but we also have a great cause behind our platform. I am an early immigrant from a developing country, Bangladesh and moved to the US when I was young.

Many developing countries lack resources, rights, loans, healthcare etc. We want to use our Mixed Reality platform to bring 1st world resources to the developing countries via the technology.

For example : on the platform a US doctor could login and diagnose, treat, teach someone in majority of the countries globally via the mixed reality headsets which we will work on distributing in phases to countries. In return that doctor can earn Meta Bank coin for donating their time as a reward. This will not be just for doctors; this could be in any industry. TechWaze XR has instant language translation, up to 60 languages so far in their healthcare software which will resolve the language barrier.

Imagine the lives that will be saved, the education many will receive, resources and accessibility to technology that will be given. It’s a win… win… scenario. We don’t want to change the world. The world will be continuing to change even after us. We want to change how people view the world in
WAYZ that unites us all. Because… IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Global penetration Meta Bank Defi would be especially useful in countries throughout the world where doing banking online is still a time consuming chore, despite the fact that it should be a simple and quick process that anybody can complete.

Growing countries have a wide range of banking needs that are simply not being satisfied by their digital finance industries’ slow progress. By providing individuals with simple and dependable digital banking procedures, Meta Bank Defi would be able to change digital finance in these countries quickly.

This is something that will eventually aid in the spread of digital finance solutions, penetrating it globally.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The biggest challenge is getting our vision and our architecture of the digital world we are creating if you are able to see it through our eyes. There is an overwhelming amount of projects globally launched and will continue to launch where the community will have a hard time keeping up with.

We have created the foundation of a project that not only do we give financial power back to the people globally, we create a world where you are rewarded for doing your skillset and teaching an underprivileged individual and giving them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty while being rewarded with crypto for helping.

We are solving the problem that just seems hard to solve, Because… If Not You, Then Who?

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

Join our community, stay engaged, share our vision with others, let’s add visionaries to our Meta Bank Defi community then carry that over to our Metaverse World. Join us in being the voice of the unheard. Our tokens will go live within the next month for everyone to have a piece of our vision. “Individually We Are One Drop. Together, We Are An Ocean” -Ryunosuke Satoro

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