Marie Zélie: Bringing Fashion and Culture Together in the NFT Space

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As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Marie Zélie, a young e-commerce women’s fashion brand based in Poland, is making its mark with its unique approach to fashion and culture. With a strong commitment to beauty, comfort, and convenience, Marie Zélie is poised to join the top 100 global fashion companies in the next 15 years. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Marie Zélie, its vision, and how it plans to expand into the NFT and web3 space.

Fashion with a Cultural Impact

Marie Zélie is a company that believes in making a strong cultural impact on fashion and the aesthetics that surround us. The company’s mission is to inspire the culture surrounding us and to set a positive example of good, beautiful, and true fashion. At Marie Zélie, convenience and comfort for women are of utmost importance. The brand offers a range of practical, beautiful, and comfortable dresses for everyday and formal occasions. Marie Zélie clothing is classic yet contemporary, with designs rooted in patterns dating back decades/centuries of clothing development. The brand uses natural, human-friendly, and environmentally friendly materials, setting an example for sustainable fashion practices.

NFTs and Web3 Space

Marie Zélie is taking a step into the NFT and web3 space, starting in 2022. The company plans to launch its NFTs offer, starting with a collection of generative profile pictures in its unique style, crafted to the taste of the NFT community. Marie Zélie also plans to develop digital wearables for the metaverse, specifically for Decentraland or The Sandbox. The company’s NFTs development roadmap includes a new business line with huge margins and potential to scale up long-term brand awareness globally. With this move, Marie Zélie is at the forefront of a growing trend in the fashion industry, where brands are exploring the potential of blockchain technology and the metaverse.

Marie Zélie Marketplace

In addition to its NFT and web3 plans, Marie Zélie also has plans to launch its marketplace in 2022/23. The marketplace will sell complementary products by local brands, with a 30-35% fee and shipping by the merchants. The marketplace will feature brands that are perfectly suited to Marie Zélie’s aesthetic and values, giving customers more options while also supporting local businesses.


Marie Zélie is a startup that is redefining fashion with its unique approach to beauty, comfort, and convenience. With its commitment to making a strong cultural impact on fashion, the company is setting an example for sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Its foray into the NFT and web3 space and the launch of its marketplace are exciting developments for the brand and its customers. As Marie Zélie continues to expand, it will undoubtedly leave its mark on the global fashion industry.


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