Etana Custody: The Leading Edge in Secure and Regulated Crypto and Digital Asset Custody Services

Revolutionizing the Custody Landscape with Multi-Asset Support and Unmatched Protection

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As cryptocurrencies continue to gain mainstream acceptance, digital asset custody services have become more critical than ever before. Etana Custody, a Denver-based startup, has established itself as a leader in the crypto and digital asset custody industry, providing unparalleled security and regulatory compliance. Etana Custody has built a reputation for safeguarding digital assets for individuals, institutions, and exchanges worldwide.

Multi-Asset Support for All Your Needs

Etana Custody is dedicated to ensuring its clients can safely store and manage a range of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets. Their custody and trade support solutions enable clients to access a secure environment linked to multiple service providers to manage their assets seamlessly. Etana’s multi-asset support reduces counterparty risk, increases capital efficiency, and mobilizes assets across various venues for exchanges, institutions, investment professionals, and individuals.

Unmatched Protection and Security

At Etana Custody, security is a top priority. The company takes an innovative approach to secure asset storage, with access controls, a segregated environment, and a combination of cold and hot storage. All digital assets are held in secure, audited facilities with multi-layered physical and digital security. Etana Custody’s high compliance standards give clients peace of mind, knowing their assets are protected and secure.

Regulated and Compliant

Etana Custody is regulated and compliant with the industry’s highest standards. The company is a registered Money Services Business (MSB) with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and holds licenses from the Colorado Division of Banking and the Bermuda Monetary Authority. These regulatory frameworks ensure the highest level of protection for clients’ assets.


Etana Custody is a company that provides multi-asset custody services to individuals, institutions, and exchanges worldwide. Their cutting-edge technology and high compliance standards make it an industry leader in crypto and digital asset custody. Etana Custody’s innovative approach to security and regulatory compliance ensures that clients’ assets are secure, and their multi-asset support provides a wide range of options for managing digital assets. With Etana Custody, clients can be confident in the protection and management of their digital assets.





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