Dr. Gökçe Phillips: Institutional-grade, AI-driven Data, Trading Tools and Portfolio Analytics for Crypto Markets Specifically Addressing the Needs of Institutions, Wealth Managers and Asset Managers

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At CryptoIndexSeries, we provide institutional-grade, AI-driven data, trading tools and portfolio analytics for Crypto Markets specifically addressing the needs of institutions, wealth managers and asset managers.

Our vision is to be an integral player in the adoption and growth of Digital Asset markets.

Our mission is to be THE trusted solutions partner for Digital Asset market participants by providing institutional-grade, AI-driven data, analytics and trading tools.

Tell us about yourself?

Having completed an MSc and a PhD from University of York, I have worked in the IT, Logistics and Finance industry as a Software Engineer, Project Manager and Team leader in Switzerland, the UK, Turkey and Dubai. Having worked for and inspired by Thomson Reuters (now known as Refinitiv), I co-founded Crypto Index Series to address the standardisation & aggregation needs across data, trading & portfolio space for wealth managers, asset managers and technology providers in Crypto Markets.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

We have built a huge Platform as our first product. The product has indices, integrated Crypto Asset Taxonomy, the sector analysis & breakdown, live data for 2000+ crypto assets, the trading capabilities and portfolio analytics. This is great at the stage we are right now , as we have more advanced features compared to some competitors.

However, I’ve learned with experience that rather than targeting a big product prior to sales, having a sound, small, consistent first product is better to start the sales & business development efforts at an early stage. I’d have certainly told myself to start selling and talking to as many customers as possible at a very early stage.

What problem does your business solve?

Providing E2E service to a accredited investors, or trading on their behalf requires availability of normalised, standardised data, access to multiple trading venues and advanced portfolio analytics to keep track of the performance.

All these three process across data, trading and monitoring require a significant amount of technical work for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Family offices and any other crypto service provider such as index fund providers.

This technical work includes but not limited to :
– Collection, storage and normalisation of Crypto data (BIG data) across many platforms spread globally ( exchanges, prime brokers, etc.)
– Standardisation of symbols across multiple exchanges for trading
– Order Management System for multiple exchanges
– Transaction collections across multiple accounts for many users
– Advanced Portfolio Analytics such as valuation of portfolios in many currencies, performance index calculations, etc.

Forming and keeping a team of highly qualified people (research analyst, quantitative analyst, data scientist, news analyst, trader, etc.) to carry out all the listed tasks and taking the right trading decisions on time poses a serious challenge for these institutions.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

CryptoIndexSeries™ simplifies daily operations and saves cost & resource by providing in-depth, reliable & trustworthy data, indicators & benchmarks, access to multiple trading venues and tools for monitoring multiple portfolios. This allows institutions to focus on
their main strategic activities rather than tackle technological challenges on the data, trading and portfolio space.

As 2 co-founders, myself and Rich Phillips, we both worked at Thomson Reuters (now rebranded as Refinitiv and operating under the roof of LSEG). We worked with more than 20+ Thomson Reuters products and hence the inspiration has been to create Crypto Fintech Products that provide a similar level of simplicity and coverage for Crypto Markets.

What is your magic sauce?

Our competitors usually cover one of the challenge areas for institutions: data or trading and there are very few providers targeting to address institutions’ challenges.

We solve data collection, distribution, pricing issues as well as access to multiple venues and advanced portfolio analytics.

At CryptoIndexSeries, we provide easy-to-integrate, customisable and institutional-grade services in all three areas: data, trading and portfolio analytics.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Our mission is to be THE trusted solutions partner for Digital Asset market participants by providing institutional-grade, AI-driven data, trading and portfolio analytics tools.

We have been serving institutions specifically in Germany and in Switzerland. We aim to extend our services to the other countries in the UE, the US and Far East within the next 2-3 years.

We believe that CryptoIndexSeries may be acquired by one of the bigger actors in the ecosystem serving the same clientele and wishing to accelerate their offerings in the Digital Asset Markets.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The Blockchain technology and the Crypto Asset Solutions are advancing in an extremely fast pace and the end users are the early adopters of these new technologies.

The institutions move slower as they need to collect demand from their users, determine their future positioning and digital asset strategies, follow the progress of the relevant regulations, choose their actions with caution and comply with rules & regulations.

This has been a challenge for us as the number of institutions investing in crypto (on their behalf or on behalf of their customers) was very small when we started. Over time, this number has increased and is increasing rapidly.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We’d like to reach out to Wealth Managers, Crypto Asset Managers and Wealth Platform Providers who would like to offer crypto services – we can save them money, time and resources in crypto data collection, normalisation, pricing retrievals, trading access and portfolio analytics, so they can focus on their main strategic activities.
Check out https://cryptoindexseries.com for all our offerings.

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