Discovering Brooklyn’s Blockchain Startups: A Look at 15 Innovative Companies

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Brooklyn, New York has been making strides in the blockchain industry with several startups making waves in the sector. From developing blockchain infrastructure to creating new applications, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. In this article, we take a closer look at 15 of the most interesting blockchain startups based in Brooklyn.

ConsenSys: Ethereum Blockchain Infrastructure and Applications

ConsenSys is a well-known blockchain company that builds Ethereum blockchain infrastructure and applications. The company develops a wide range of products, from developer tools to enterprise solutions, that help individuals and organizations leverage the power of blockchain technology. ConsenSys was founded by Chris Lewicki, Donnie Benjamin, and Joseph Lubin.

Ava Labs: Next-Generation Blockchain Platform

AVA Labs is a next-generation blockchain platform that promises revolutionary scalability, decentralization, security, and flexibility. Founded by Emin Gün Sirer and Maofan Ted Yin, Ava Labs has developed a blockchain platform that can support millions of users and transactions without compromising on security or speed.

SYKY: Next-Generation Luxury Fashion Platform

SYKY is a blockchain-based luxury fashion platform that uses blockchain technology to authenticate luxury goods and ensure they are not counterfeit. The platform also enables users to track the entire supply chain of the product, from production to delivery, providing complete transparency. The company was founded by a team of fashion and technology experts.

Gauntlet: Blockchain Simulation and Testing Platform

Gauntlet is a company that develops a blockchain simulation and testing platform for financial systems. The company’s technology helps financial institutions test and optimize their financial models in a secure and efficient manner. Rei Chiang and Tarun Chitra founded Gauntlet.

Kadena: Hybrid Blockchain Platform

Kadena provides a hybrid blockchain platform that includes the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW public network. The company’s blockchain platform can support enterprise-level applications and is designed to be user-friendly. Kadena was founded by Stuart Popejoy and William Martino.

BlockApps: Blockchain as a Service Company

BlockApps is a blockchain as a service company that develops enterprise blockchain platforms. The company’s platform enables businesses to create blockchain-based applications quickly and easily. James Hormuzdiar, Kieren James Lubin, and Victor Wong founded BlockApps.

Decrypt: Media Platform Focused on Blockchain

Decrypt is a media platform that focuses on stories related to culture, technology, business, education, politics, and art in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. The company was founded by Ilan Hazan and James Dyer.

Bison Trails: Secure Infrastructure on Multiple Blockchains

Bison Trails allows users to run secure infrastructure on multiple blockchains, making it easier for businesses to interact with blockchain technology. Aaron Henshaw and Joseph Lallouz founded Bison Trails.

Otonomi: Parametric Cargo Insurance Platform

Otonomi is a first-to-market parametric cargo insurance platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide secure and efficient insurance solutions. The platform is designed to serve the air transportation, logistics, and payments industries. Otonomi was founded by Jeremy Sutton and Sebastien Henot.

Stobox: Turn-Key Tokenization Service Provider

Stobox is a top-tier turn-key tokenization service provider that helps businesses create and manage their own security tokens. The company provides consulting services and develops custom blockchain-based solutions. Borys Pikalov, Gene Deyev, and Ross Shemeliak founded Stobox.

PartyDAO: Decentralized Platform for Multiplayer Crypto Software

PartyDAO is a decentralized platform that builds multiplayer crypto software and products. The platform is designed to enable developers to build games and other applications using blockchain technology. The founders of PartyDAO are not publicly known.

PoolTogether: No-Loss, Audited Savings Game

PoolTogether is a blockchain-based savings game that enables users to save money without the risk of losing their deposits. The platform is audited, and users can earn interest on their deposits without the risk of losing their savings. The company was founded by Leighton Cusack.

Infinite Objects: Consumer Display Products for Personal, Entertainment, Art, and NFT Content

Infinite Objects develops consumer display products that enable users to display personal, entertainment, art, and NFT content. The company’s products are designed to showcase digital content in a physical form. Joe Saavedra is the founder of Infinite Objects.

Daylight: API for Collecting Web3 Benefits

Daylight is an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables users to collect Web3 benefits such as tokens, governance rights, and access to products and services. The company is focused on making it easy for developers to integrate Web3 features into their applications. The founders of Daylight are not publicly known.

Mad Realities: Interactive, Audience-Owned TV Platform

Mad Realities is an interactive, audience-owned TV platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide viewers with a unique viewing experience. The platform enables viewers to participate in the creation and production of TV shows, making it a truly interactive experience. The founders of Mad Realities are not publicly known.


Brooklyn’s blockchain startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain industry. From developing innovative blockchain platforms to creating new applications that leverage the power of blockchain technology, these companies are making waves in the sector. Whether you’re interested in finance, fashion, or entertainment, there’s a blockchain startup in Brooklyn that’s working on something exciting. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to innovate and disrupt industries with the power of blockchain.

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