Deepwaters – The Revolutionary Hybrid Exchange for True Market Data

VatnForn's Provably Trustworthy Trading Platform Utilizing Blockchain Technology

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As cryptocurrencies continue to gain more traction in the financial world, the need for trustworthy and reliable exchanges is becoming more apparent. With so many exchanges available, it can be challenging to determine which ones offer the most secure and fair trading experience. VatnForn, a startup based in Delaware City, Delaware, is addressing this issue with its hybrid exchange, Deepwaters. This startup is revolutionizing the way cryptocurrency exchanges operate, providing a fair and transparent platform for all traders.

What is Deepwaters?

Deepwaters is a hybrid exchange that guarantees fair pricing, execution, and true market data at scale. Using blockchain technology, Deepwaters aims to prevent discretionary actions by all privileged parties, including themselves. The exchange is uniquely capable of high transactional throughput, complex operations, and crash fault tolerance while maintaining a high level of integrity and non-interference assurance, as well as immutable custody.

Provably Trustworthy Trading Platform

Deepwaters is creating the first provably trustworthy trading platform that utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the highest level of transparency and fairness. With traditional exchanges, there is always a risk of insider trading, price manipulation, and other forms of market abuse. Deepwaters eliminates these issues by using blockchain technology to ensure that all trades are transparent and tamper-proof.

Fair Pricing and Execution

One of the most significant issues with traditional exchanges is the lack of fair pricing and execution. This can lead to significant losses for traders, as well as a lack of trust in the exchange. Deepwaters guarantees fair pricing and execution through its use of blockchain technology. The exchange’s smart contract ensures that trades are executed at the best possible price, without any manipulation or interference.

True Market Data

Another significant issue with traditional exchanges is the lack of true market data. This can lead to incorrect pricing and trading decisions, resulting in significant losses. Deepwaters ensures true market data by providing access to its full order book, which allows traders to see the current supply and demand for a particular asset. This allows traders to make informed decisions and trade with confidence.


In conclusion, VatnForn’s Deepwaters is a startup that is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency exchange industry. The use of blockchain technology ensures fair pricing, execution, and true market data, providing a trustworthy and reliable platform for all traders. As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, the need for reliable exchanges will become increasingly important, and Deepwaters is well-positioned to become a leader in the industry.




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