Chicago’s Blockchain Revolution – Exploring 15 Innovative Startups Shaping the Future

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Chicago, a city renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, has become a hotbed for innovative blockchain startups. These groundbreaking companies are at the forefront of revolutionizing industries such as finance, insurance, entertainment, and infrastructure. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable blockchain startups based in Chicago that are driving the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology. Let’s dive into the world of these visionary companies and explore how they are shaping the future of Chicago’s blockchain ecosystem.

Evertas – Transforming Crypto Insurance

Evertas is a prominent crypto insurance company that develops regulated insurance and risk mitigation solutions for crypto assets. By addressing the critical need for crypto insurance, Evertas empowers individuals and businesses to confidently navigate the world of digital assets, mitigating risks and safeguarding their investments. With their expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial services, and risk management, Evertas provides innovative solutions that drive the growth and security of the crypto industry.

Elixir – Empowering Liquidity in Cryptocurrency Markets

Elixir is a market-making protocol that brings efficiency and liquidity to the cryptocurrency market. Through their innovative technology, Elixir automates trading strategies and provides advanced tools that empower traders and liquidity providers. By streamlining the trading process, Elixir enhances market liquidity, fosters a more robust ecosystem, and enables participants to navigate the crypto market effectively.

ErisX – Pioneering the Digital Asset Space

ErisX specializes in the digital asset space, offering both spot and futures contracts on one platform. By bridging the gap between traditional finance and the digital asset market, ErisX provides traders with comprehensive access to digital assets. Their platform offers a seamless trading experience, empowering users to engage in both spot and futures trading while ensuring regulatory compliance and security.

Tagomi – Streamlining Cryptocurrency Trading

Tagomi is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that provides access to priced liquidity, low commissions, and maximized client return. With their user-friendly interface and advanced trading tools, Tagomi simplifies the trading process, making it more accessible and efficient for both institutional and retail investors. By offering competitive pricing and optimizing client returns, Tagomi aims to revolutionize the way individuals and institutions trade cryptocurrencies.

Zero Hash – Enabling Turnkey Digital Asset Solutions

Zero Hash is a B2B digital assets-as-a-service technology platform that offers turnkey solutions for digital asset businesses. By providing comprehensive infrastructure and services, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Zero Hash empowers businesses to navigate the evolving landscape of digital assets. Their innovative solutions facilitate efficient and secure transactions, driving the growth of the digital asset ecosystem.

CMT Digital Ventures – Fueling Crypto Asset and Blockchain Innovation

CMT Digital Ventures is a venture capital firm that actively engages in the crypto asset and blockchain technology industry. Through strategic investments, CMT Digital Ventures supports the growth of promising startups in Chicago and beyond. By providing financial resources, expertise, and industry connections, they play a crucial role in fostering innovation and driving adoption in the blockchain ecosystem.

Bloq – Building Blockchain Infrastructure for the Future

Bloq is a pioneering company that focuses on building infrastructure for the multi-blockchain future. With their expertise in Bitcoin, blockchain, enterprise software, and open-source technologies, Bloq develops innovative solutions that enhance the functionality and interoperability of blockchain networks. By providing robust infrastructure, Bloq empowers businesses and developers to create scalable and secure blockchain applications.

B+J Studios – Crafting World-Class Blockchain Solutions

B+J Studios is a renowned builder studio specializing in developing world-class blockchain

-based solutions. Their expertise in blockchain and information technology enables them to create innovative and tailored solutions for various industries. By leveraging blockchain technology, B+J Studios helps businesses unlock new possibilities, enhance transparency, and optimize processes.

Current Mobile – Monetizing Daily Habits with Blockchain

Current Mobile enables millions of budget-conscious consumers to earn income from their daily habits. Through their innovative app, users can earn rewards and incentives by engaging with various activities. Current Mobile leverages blockchain technology to provide transparent and secure earning opportunities, revolutionizing the way individuals monetize their habits and interact with brands.

Yield Protocol – Empowering Decentralized Lending

Yield Protocol is on a mission to build a decentralized lending protocol that brings fixed-term, fixed-rate lending to decentralized finance (DeFi). By providing stable and predictable lending options, Yield Protocol enhances the reliability and accessibility of lending within the DeFi ecosystem. Their innovative approach enables users to engage in decentralized lending with confidence.

Cypher – Democratizing Pre-Public Markets

Cypher is a decentralized synthetic asset protocol that allows retail and institutional investors to create and trade pre-public markets. By democratizing access to investment opportunities, Cypher breaks down barriers and empowers individuals to engage in pre-public markets seamlessly. Through blockchain technology, Cypher aims to reshape traditional investment models and create a more inclusive financial landscape.

Live Bash – Transforming Live Events with Blockchain

Live Bash harnesses the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the live events industry. By leveraging blockchain, Live Bash converts live performances into digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling event-goers to own unique and memorable experiences. This innovative approach not only enhances event engagement but also opens up new revenue streams for artists and organizers.

Normal – Simplifying Crypto-Fiat Transactions

Normal Finance offers a unified bank account and crypto wallet that allows instant cash in and out of crypto, DeFi, and Web3 with zero fees. By bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, Normal Finance simplifies the user experience and provides individuals with seamless access to digital assets. Their platform empowers users to navigate the crypto-fiat ecosystem effortlessly.

Gamerjibe – Immersive Virtual Experiences

Gamerjibe is a platform that provides world-as-a-service experiences and large-scale events in virtual environments. By combining blockchain technology with virtual worlds, Gamerjibe creates immersive experiences for gamers and event attendees, fostering community engagement and interaction. Their innovative approach redefines the possibilities of virtual events and entertainment.

Blockware Solutions – Empowering Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockware Solutions is a leading blockchain infrastructure company that provides bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services. By offering robust and secure infrastructure, Blockware Solutions supports the growth and sustainability of blockchain networks. Their expertise in blockchain and mining technology contributes to the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies and the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem.


Chicago’s blockchain startup ecosystem is thriving, with visionary companies driving innovation across various industries. From crypto insurance and market-making protocols to decentralized lending and virtual experiences, these 15 startups are at the forefront of Chicago’s blockchain revolution. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, they are reshaping industries, enhancing user experiences, and paving the way for a decentralized future. As these companies continue to grow and innovate, they propel Chicago’s position as a global hub for blockchain technology and contribute to the broader adoption of blockchain solutions worldwide.

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