Chicago’s Bitcoin Startups – Fueling Innovation in the Windy City

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Chicago, known for its bustling financial markets and innovative spirit, has emerged as a hub for Bitcoin startups. With a diverse range of companies operating in the cryptocurrency space, the Windy City is witnessing the rapid growth and evolution of the blockchain industry. In this article, we’ll explore and showcase 15 fascinating Bitcoin startups based in Chicago, Illinois, and delve into their unique contributions to the crypto landscape.

Strike – Empowering Global Payment Acceptance

Strike is an API-driven platform that enables merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin from customers around the world. Founded by Jack Mallers, Strike simplifies cross-border transactions by leveraging the power of Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology. With Strike, merchants can tap into the global reach of cryptocurrencies, offering seamless payment solutions to their customers.

Tagomi – Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trading

Tagomi is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading platform that provides access to priced liquidity, low commissions, and optimized client returns. Founded by Greg Tusar, Jennifer Campbell, and Kevin Johnson, Tagomi empowers traders with advanced tools and deep liquidity, ensuring a seamless trading experience in the complex world of cryptocurrencies.

Zap Solutions – Lightning-Fast Crypto Wallet

Zap Solutions offers a lightning-fast crypto wallet that enables users to purchase Bitcoin instantly via the Lightning Network. Founded by Jack Mallers, Zap Solutions leverages the speed and scalability of the Lightning Network to streamline Bitcoin transactions, making it easier for users to buy and manage their digital assets.

Bloq – Building the Future of Blockchain Infrastructure

Bloq is at the forefront of building infrastructure for the multi-blockchain future. Founded by Jeff Garzik and Matthew Roszak, Bloq develops enterprise-grade software solutions for blockchain networks. With a focus on open-source development and collaboration, Bloq aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology across various industries.

Athena Bitcoin – Simplifying Cryptocurrency Purchases

Athena Bitcoin is a company that provides accessible avenues for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Through their network of ATMs located nationwide, they offer individuals the convenience of buying Bitcoin and other digital assets. Founded by Brian Schwartz and Gilbert Valentine, Athena Bitcoin is dedicated to expanding access to cryptocurrencies and driving their adoption.

Bitnomial – Advanced Derivatives Exchange

Bitnomial is an innovative derivatives exchange that combines improved exchange technology with new digital asset settlement systems. Co-founded by Luke Hoersten and Matthew Wraith, Bitnomial offers a robust trading platform for Bitcoin and other digital assets, catering to both retail and institutional investors.

Blockware Mining – Diversified Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure

Blockware Mining provides diversified Bitcoin mining infrastructure and colocation services. Led by Michael Stoltzner, Blockware Mining offers professional mining solutions, allowing miners to optimize their operations and tap into the potential of Bitcoin mining.

DrawBridge Lending – Crypto-Backed Lending

DrawBridge Lending offers lending services backed by Bitcoin holdings, providing borrowers with access to capital without margin calls. Founded by Jason Urban and Thomas Anderson, DrawBridge Lending bridges traditional lending practices with the world of cryptocurrencies, unlocking the value of Bitcoin assets for borrowers.

Cumberland – Enabling Institutional Access to Crypto Assets

Cumberland provides financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals with the necessary tools to capitalize on the crypto asset space. Led by Donald R. Wilson, Cumberland offers over-the-counter trading, market-making, and liquidity solutions, ensuring seamless entry into the world of digital currencies.

Delta Mining – Merging Blockchain and Renewable Energy

Delta Mining combines the power of blockchain technology with renewable energy sources. Founded by Whit Dhamer , Delta Mining focuses on sustainable mining practices, leveraging renewable energy to mine cryptocurrencies while minimizing environmental impact.

Canary Mining – Scalable Digital Asset Mining

Canary Mining is a vertically integrated digital asset mining company that focuses on scalable asset classes. Led by Jonathan D. Herpy Sr., Canary Mining explores the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, contributing to the growth and development of the digital asset ecosystem.

Domination Finance – Non-Custodial Financial Instruments

Domination Finance develops non-custodial financial instruments for traders in the crypto space. With a focus on user autonomy and security, Domination Finance, founded by Adrian Kolody, Jordan Mynes, and Josh Bowden, empowers traders to engage in decentralized finance with confidence.

Glidera – Enhancing Digital Currency Wallets

Glidera improves digital currency wallets by offering integrated buy and sell services for Bitcoin. Founded by David Ripley and Michael Xakellis, Glidera enables applications to seamlessly provide users with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, enhancing the functionality and utility of digital currency wallets.

Decred – Community-Governed Cryptocurrency

Decred is an open and progressive cryptocurrency that integrates community-based governance into its blockchain. Founded by Alex Yocom-Piatt, Dave Collins, and David Hill, Decred promotes a decentralized decision-making process, allowing stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future of the cryptocurrency.

Tally Capital – Investing in Blockchain Opportunities

Tally Capital recognizes the immense opportunities presented by blockchain technology and invests in promising projects in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem. Founded by Matthew Roszak, Tally Capital actively supports the growth and development of innovative blockchain startups through strategic investments and guidance.


Chicago’s vibrant Bitcoin startup ecosystem is driving innovation and shaping the future of finance. These 15 companies are revolutionizing various aspects of the crypto industry, from payment solutions and trading platforms to mining infrastructure and financial services. With their relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to the transformative power of blockchain technology, these startups are propelling Chicago to the forefront of the global crypto landscape.

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