Blockchain Startups in Sunnyvale – Revolutionizing Industries

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Sunnyvale, California, is home to some of the most innovative and cutting-edge blockchain startups in the world. These companies are using blockchain technology to revolutionize a wide range of industries, from finance and real estate to logistics and supply chain management. Here are 15 of the most exciting blockchain startups based in Sunnyvale.


ThunderCore is a public blockchain that boasts high scalability, fast transaction speeds, and low costs. The platform is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing developers to use existing Ethereum tools and migrate their DApps seamlessly. Founded by Chris Wang, ThunderCore provides a decentralized platform that can handle large-scale transactions, making it suitable for various industries, including finance, gaming, and e-commerce. With a native token called TT, the blockchain provides an excellent way for businesses to store, exchange, and trade assets.


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries by increasing security and transparency. However, with so many different blockchain systems, interoperability has become a major challenge. This is where TBCASoft comes in. TBCASoft is a Sunnyvale-based startup that develops secure blockchain platforms to ensure seamless interoperability between different systems.


Moeco is an IoT platform helping customers manage and monitor their physical assets’ efficiency in logistics throughout the supply chain. Its blockchain-based platform enables real-time tracking, transparency, and accountability.

Marli Technology Solutions

Marli makes taking climate action simple by standardizing the marketplace and automating green financing. Its platform connects lenders and borrowers and facilitates financing for green energy projects.

Passbird Research

Passbird Research is a software company that offers a range of blockchain-based solutions for cybersecurity, payments, and network security. Its products include PaaS, IaaS, and smart contracts.


Zweispace is a top PropTech company in the APAC region, awarded blockchain, smart contract patents, AI architecture, IoT, earthquake solution, Fintech & LegalTech. Its platform uses blockchain technology to improve real estate investment and management.


Virtual reality has become one of the most exciting frontiers in technology, with seemingly endless possibilities for gaming, education, and even social interaction. MetaCity is a Sunnyvale-based startup that is pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and blockchain technology. Founded by Dr. Jens M. Stober and Michael Zoelzer, MetaCity aims to create a metaverse where users can interact in a fully immersive virtual world, with the added security and transparency of blockchain. provides token-based startups with decentralized protocols, smart contracts, high-performance oracles, and developer tools. Its platform enables developers to build blockchain-based applications quickly and easily.

TOP Network

TOP Network is the world’s first decentralized open communication network powered by a high-performance DAG-based blockchain platform. Its platform is designed to provide secure, scalable, and low-cost communication services.

rLoop Incorporated

rLoop Incorporated is a decentralized engineering organization that uses blockchain technology to bring together a global network of talent and resources for moonshot engineering projects. The company aims to disrupt traditional engineering firms by building a community of engineers, designers, and other experts who can collaborate on complex projects.


UFO provides engineering support services, rapid research and development, integration & test services, and engineering consulting for the aerospace, blockchain, data center, government, military, satellite communication, and space travel industries.


Exafort provides solutions for blockchain, cloud computing, and mobile technologies like social enterprise and ExaFlow to help institutions. Its platform enables organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure and stay ahead of the curve.


Bestcoins is a research and review portal for initial coin offerings (ICOs) for different industries. Its platform helps investors find the most promising ICOs and make informed investment decisions.

Virtual Dynamic Labs

Virtual Dynamic Labs is an Open Metaverse cloud service provider that offers a range of blockchain-based solutions for developer tools and virtual reality. Its platform provides developers with the tools they need to build immersive virtual environments.

Rhapsody Ventures

Rhapsody Ventures is a cross-border technology strategy and venture investor that invests in blockchain, financial services, information technology, and venture capital. Its platform helps startups get the funding and support they need to succeed.

These 15 companies are just a small sample of the many innovative blockchain startups based in Sunnyvale, California. Their groundbreaking solutions are changing the way we think about a wide range of industries, and they are leading the charge in the blockchain revolution. As the world becomes increasingly digital, blockchain

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