Bhaskar Ahuja: Next-generation AI-powered Operations Platform-built on Blockchain Based Technology To Empower

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Originscale is a Next-generation AI-powered operations platform-built on Blockchain based technology to empower

  1. Brands establish absolute trust, transparency, and credibility in their product making and selling
  2. Consumers to make informed choices about the product they want to consume

Tell us about yourself?

As a passionate entrepreneur, investor and advisor, I have been part of several startup ventures ranging from technology to brick and mortar, to e-commerce startups.

Currently, I am concentrating on accelerating my primary business focused on food, health, wellness & fitness leveraging blockchain technology to bring absolute transparency, trust and credibility into the food & wellness ecosystem rendering the sustainable world free from any form of adulteration.

This startup is called

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

You are no better or worse than anyone, but you have every reason to be confident in yourself. Realize that everyone has self doubts. Relax, be kind, and stay excited about life. Always remember – Help ever, hurt never!

What problem does your business solve?

Today’s supply chains are complex, geographically diverse, & often outsourced. On an average a business engages at least 16 third parties, has 4 locations, and 8-10 disparate channels. This leads to disconnected operation, limited visibility into the supply chains, lack of control over processes & suppliers, and this leads to erosion of trust & reputational risk.

While the businesses are struggling with their supply chains, their consumers are confused, and want to learn more about where their products are coming from, what it contains, and how it was made? They no longer trust certifications or the tall marketing claims. This leads to Lost credibility, lack of buying confidence, high customer churn, shattering of brand loyalties, and questionable safety?

Do you know that:

  • 3 out of 5 customers want to know more about where their food comes from and how it was made?
  • 54.7% of the CPG markets growth came from the products marketed as sustainable between 2015 to 2019
  • 55% of the consumers are more likely to purchase direct from the source (brands)
  • $4.5 T worth or a quarter supply chains would rebalance & shift by 2025 due to the pandemic effect
  • 18.2% are more likely to purchase if the product is cause oriented
  • Harvard business review recently quoted that “ Provenance is already a big deal—and getting bigger.

Furthermore, Artificial intelligence, edge computing and supply chain governance are some of the top trends for supply chain leaders looking to transform their organizations. It is important for supply chain technology leaders to adapt a mindset that accepts and embraces long-term perpetual change and to get ready for the industry 4.0

Their top focus should be hyper-automation, Digital supply chain twin, continued intelligence, supply chain governance & security, AI, edge computing and analytics, and the 5g networks.

In addition to this, The D2C (direct-to-consumer) market has been growing rapidly as well, with double-digit rates for several years. It is projected to maintain a further 19.2% growth in 2021. Below are some of the numbers to show how the world is moving toward D2C:

  • 37.6% are more likely to purchase from a DTC if the product was made in the USA.
  • 29.8% are more likely to purchase from a DTC if the product is sustainably made.
  • 25% are more likely to purchase from a DTC if the product is made locally or has a local focus.
  • 18.2% are more likely to purchase from a DTC if the company has a cause-oriented mission
  • 40% of manufacturers in the US are already selling direct to consumers

All this is forcing the businesses to evolve and thus evolving their supply chains. This directly impacts the global value chain. In most respects, the transparency will be a license to operate. If you are not a transparent company, you would be forced to work in silos and you would die eventually.

For many products, origin is an essential feature of what the customer buys, even if it is an intangible or a difficult-to-verify quality. Broadly, halal, kosher, and organic foods are indistinguishable from the alternatives—the distinctions are important to certain consumers, but in a blind test most would have no way of identifying them. Few people could actually tell the difference between an authentic and a top-end fake Rolex watch or Louis Vuitton bag. Counterfeiting is such a huge problem because, after all, an ethically made shirt looks and feels identical to the sweatshop alternative. The fact that consumers nevertheless care about ethics and authenticity is indisputable: Provenance is already a big deal—and getting bigger.

As customers take greater interest in the origins and authenticity of the things they buy, providing them with tools to track provenance will become an important part of the marketing mix and will give producers and retailers new ways to capitalize on brand value. A key consideration is how much data to make publicly available, and in what degree of detail. Many firms have made bold assertions about how seriously they manage their supply chains. Transparency, at a granular level, gives credibility to those claims.

Transparency is a journey—it’s not “check the box” and you’re done. It’s a maturity curve. What’s next is the next layer of transparency .The list of nutritional information,….country of origin, geographic source within that country, growing methods and also the list allergens and any other pertinent info. And all of this is now available to consumers on their device at the point of purchase or at home—just not on enough consumer goods products.

Transparency will create a fundamental shift in the types of products manufacturers create. It’ll also be easier for consumers to speak with their wallets.

“Nowadays , in the modern world if you want to survive in a competitive market or has to gain consumer trust then transparency is no longer a “Great to have” for any company—it is truly mandatory.”

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The choices we collectively make every day will determine the future of our planet. While the world is connected, the supply chains continue to be opaque, unreliable, and driven by greed, causing a terrible impact on the environment, humans, animals, and communities. Unfortunately, we barely have access to the information needed to make the right choices about what we should produce and consume.

What is your magic sauce?

Originscale is a unique solutions that not only empowers the business to transform, grow and scale but also bring absolute transparency, trust and credibility for its consumers thus making healthier and safer communities.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Our goal is to bring absolute transparency to the global supply chains and remove this world of any adulteration. Especially for the CPG sector, and to narrow it down, we are focusing on anything that a person put inside or on the body like food & beverages, Cosmetics and apparels.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Convincing the business to be transparent with their customer and give them a peak into their processes has been the biggest challenge. Not all business want to become an open book. We have been doing a lot of educating to help them understand the value of transparency and how it leads to trust and building credibility with their consumers.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We want Purpose driven brands, by that I mean any brand that sells organic, keto, natural etc products and have built or trying to build a niche brand should start collaborating with us, we help them by injecting absolute transparency and trust into with their consumers. This leads to building a loyal customer tribe, build unique brand identity, supercharge revenue growth, and command premium pricing.

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