Atlas Navi: The AI-Powered Navigation App that Lets You Drive to Earn

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Are you tired of getting stuck in traffic on your daily commute? Atlas Navi has got you covered! Atlas Navi is a mobile navigation app that uses AI and your smartphone camera to help you avoid traffic by detecting road conditions, accidents, and traffic in real-time. But that’s not all – Atlas Navi also lets you earn rewards while you drive and play virtual racing games using NFT cars.

Revolutionizing Navigation with AI Technology

Atlas Navi is the first AI-powered navigation app that uses your smartphone camera to detect road conditions and traffic in real-time. It analyzes the road 25 times per second, generating 100 times better data than other navigation apps, and routes drivers to avoid areas with problems. With features like live video streaming of your trip, group trips, and multi-stop trips, Atlas Navi is more than just a navigation app. It helps you plan and record your trips, track your driving habits, and stay on top of vehicle maintenance alerts.

Drive to Earn with MILE and NAVI Tokens

Atlas Navi lets you earn MILE tokens by simply driving your car using the app. These tokens can then be converted to NAVI tokens for NFT vehicle upgrades. You can also play virtual racing games with 3D NFT cars and earn NAVI tokens as rewards. Upgrade your virtual cars using NAVI tokens and trade them with other users on the open market. Atlas Navi also lets you purchase Brand Ambassador NFTs for lifetime royalties when users buy NFT cars from that brand.

NFT Car Garage and Marketplace

Atlas Navi’s NFT Car Garage is an interactive car configurator that allows you to showcase and customize your NFT cars. You can upgrade your vehicles by spending NAVI tokens and make them more valuable by adding different body paints, trim, and engine upgrades. You can also buy, sell, or exchange your NFT cars on the open market. Atlas Navi’s NFT Marketplace offers a range of NFT images with well-known car brands in four tiers of limited supply and scarcity: Common, Premium, Legendary, and Unique.

Join the Atlas Navi Community Today

Atlas Navi is revolutionizing the navigation and gaming industry with its AI-powered navigation app, NFT cars, and tokens. Join the Atlas Navi community today and start driving to earn rewards, play virtual racing games, and own your favorite car brands on the blockchain. Atlas Navi is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.





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