Andrei Popescu: Alternative Asset Management With a Focus on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Markets

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SCX Holdings is an Alternative Asset Management Co. with a focus on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Markets. At SCX Holdings, we believe that the introduction of Digital Assets into the financial services sector, will not only stabilize the investment landscape but will radically disrupt old-school ways of the financial world.

SCX is leveraging the expertise of professional PhD financial analysts, investment experts, quant developers and hackers to create proven systems of evaluation of digital markets, crypto/digital assets and other traditional finance instruments.

What we do at SCX Holdings, we apply quantitative models and techniques, like symbolic regression / genetic programming, to find symbolic formulas that enclose the movements of specific markets.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a vision-driven entrepreneur, always focusing on novel and innovative business concepts. I have been fascinated by crypto-assets and as a result, I co-founded one of the first crypto exchange originating from Singapore.

My journey into FinTech and Financial Digital Assets, combined with Strategic Investments and Quantitative Algo Trading, consolidated as a new venture that is entitled SCX Holdings.

I have founded SCX Holdings in 2018, as an Alternative Asset Management Co. and the minds behind SCX Holdings are a powerhouse of finance, quantitative analysis, applied mathematics, computer science and blockchain professionals.

For the last year, we have been working very hard, doing research and developing AI implementations for the digital assets market. Our proprietary ML engine is designed to create automated trading strategies for any type of assets, from digital to the traditional finance markets.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

In hindsight it’s easy to consider opportunities. Clearly, I would put much more focus and interest in all the decentralized finance options, along with all the capital influx for most of the main crypto assets.

What problem does your business solve?

SCX offers crypto market intelligence tools powered by AI and human analysts. Our platform is using Machine Learning adaptations to identify and optimize trading algos, where the algorithms are continuously improving and getting smarter.

The combination of AI and human analysis allows us to have the best strategies for bull, bear and range markets.

In this sense, automated data & trading strategies allows the users to reduce the need of “human factor”.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

SCX is providing an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective data activities on different markets and systems. The possibilities with the automation and the creation of data algorithms make it possible to form the rules for opening, maintaining and closing operations, in any alternative/digital markets.

Our vision at SCX, is to provide true economic empowerment for all humanity by helping narrow the wealth inequality gap between the top 1% and bottom 99%.

SCX Holdings wants to make crypto/digital assets accessible to all and seeks to democratize quantitative investing through education and research tools.

What is your magic sauce?

SCX Holdings aims to empower anyone who is interested in crypto/digital assets investing with the information needed to onboard and build a profitable portfolio.

SCX provides the smartest crypto investment data in the industry, and is continuously improving its products to help its customers build a profitable portfolio. SCX Infrastructure is not just data and tools, but also a community of like-minded, fellow investors and experts who you can trust and learn from.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

The plan is to keep on researching, innovating and implementing solutions for the decentralized finance ecosystem. We will still be focusing on AI and ML adaptations.

SCX Holdings is in the process of developing an AI-driven Digital Assets Class research department that uses Artificial Intelligence models to build and analyze crypto indices, rankings, prices and algo trading strategies.

Because of the way we designed our AI Infrastructure, SCX is able to emit novel and unique strategies that human creators could not derive easily.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The main issue with crypto and financial digital assets, comes from the fact that we are still evolving in an unregulated environment. All the major players in this ecosystem is collaborating and providing support in creating the proper regulatory framework, so that we can take full advantage of the benefits that these novel technology can offer.

The future is bright!

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

SCX Holdings wants to make investing in digital asses/crypto as easy as investing in equities like Apple or Tesla stocks, and accessible to all, no matter your race, gender, geography, economic status, or creed.

We are addressing anyone intrigued by this thing called bitcoin and who may suffer from FOHO (Fear Of Holding Off). They know they should get into the crypto market, but is it too late? They don’t know where to start, but they want to find out.

We are here for any individual/retail investors who already have bought bitcoin or other altcoins, and are seeking more market intelligence, data, and analysis to guide their investment decisions.

SCX Holdings aims to reach people who are interested in making sound investments—and a healthy profit—in digital assets.

This can range from the crypto-curious (people who have yet to invest in digital assets but want to learn more) to seasoned crypto folks looking to maximize their return on investment.

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