15 Blockchain Startups to Watch in Austin, Texas

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Blockchain technology is transforming industries, from financial services to gaming and entertainment. In Austin, Texas, a growing number of startups are leveraging blockchain to develop innovative solutions. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 interesting blockchain startups in Austin, Texas.


NFT-Based Music Platform Royal is a blockchain-based music platform that allows users to buy ownership in songs. The platform uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enable creators to monetize their music and build a community of fans. Founded by JD Ross and Justin David Blau, Royal aims to revolutionize the music industry.

Core Scientific

Blockchain and AI Hosting Core Scientific offers a range of services, including hosting, transaction processing, and application development for blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). The company is led by Darin Feinstein and Mike Levitt and has quickly become a leader in blockchain infrastructure.


SaaS Solution for Digital Assets Vertalo is a SaaS solution that connects and enables the digital asset economy. The platform enables users to tokenize assets, issue digital securities, and manage investments. Founded by Dave Hendricks, Gautam Gujral, and William Baxter, Vertalo is a key player in the emerging digital asset space.

Pocket World

Metaverse Gaming Pocket Worlds is a metaverse firm that uses games to bring people together. The company aims to create a decentralized platform that enables players to own, create, and trade virtual assets. Co-founded by Anton Bernstein, Gordon Su, and Jimmy Xu, Pocket Worlds is at the forefront of blockchain-based gaming.

Horizen Labs

Distributed Ledger Solutions Horizen Labs is a technology company that enables businesses to build secure distributed ledger solutions. The platform offers customizable sidechains and a suite of tools for developers to build blockchain applications. Led by Dean Steinbeck, Liat Aaronson, and Robert Viglione, Horizen Labs is driving innovation in the blockchain space.


Gaming Platform InfiniGods is a gaming platform focused on blockchain. The company aims to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that enables players to own and trade virtual assets. Co-founded by Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue, InfiniGods is poised to disrupt the gaming industry.


Eco-Conscious Mining Infrastructure Blockcap is a blockchain eco-conscious infrastructure designed to facilitate secure cryptocurrency mining. The company is led by Darin Feinstein and has a strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Friktion Labs

Portfolio and Risk Manager Friktion Labs is Solana’s largest portfolio and risk manager for individuals, DAOs, and Institutional Asset Managers. The company offers a suite of risk management tools and analytics to help users manage their portfolios. Founded by a team of blockchain experts, Friktion Labs is a trusted partner for investors.


Unlocking NFT Value Tokenproof makes it easy and secure to unlock the value of non-fungible tokens. The platform offers a suite of tools for managing and trading NFTs. Founded by a team of blockchain enthusiasts, Tokenproof is driving the adoption of NFTs.


Go-to-Market Automation Platform InXero is the industry’s first Go-to-Market automation platform for partners. The platform enables companies to automate their sales and marketing processes and drive growth. Founded by Anand Raj, InXero is a key player in the blockchain marketing space.

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