15 Blockchain Startups in Cambridge, Massachusetts That You Need to Know About

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Blockchain technology has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and Massachusetts is no exception. Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to many innovative blockchain startups that are making waves in the industry. In this article, we will showcase 15 of the most interesting blockchain startups in Cambridge and what they are doing to push the limits of the technology.


Monitoring and Analytics for Blockchain Networks Metrika is a monitoring and analytics platform that provides visibility and actionable insights into blockchain networks. The company specializes in providing analytics, blockchain, and data visualization solutions to businesses in need. With a commitment to transparency and clarity, Metrika is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to better understand blockchain technology.


Trade NFTs on Flow Evaluate.xyz is an innovative platform that allows users to trade NFTs on Flow. With the ability to search for trading partners, swap NFTs, and shop across marketplaces, Evaluate.xyz is a powerful tool for collectors and investors alike. The platform offers analytics, blockchain, collectibles, cryptocurrency, and web apps solutions for businesses.


A Patented Smart Contract Engine ZIOS3 is a patented smart contract engine for blockchain agnostic distributed ledger platforms. The company provides a wide range of solutions for businesses in need of blockchain, cryptocurrency, cyber security, legal tech, and privacy solutions. With a team of experienced professionals, ZIOS3 is at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Cambridge Blockchain

Identity Management and Compliance Software Solutions Cambridge Blockchain develops blockchain-based identity management and compliance software solutions for financial institutions. With a focus on blockchain, cyber security, financial services, fintech, identity management, information technology, privacy, and software solutions, the company is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to businesses in need.


Brand Protection, Tracking, and Engagement Ennoventure is a company that helps businesses with brand protection, tracking, and engagement. With a focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and software solutions, Ennoventure is an invaluable partner for businesses looking to protect their brand and engage with customers more effectively.

Vestigo Ventures

Seed and Early-Stage Fintech Focused VC Firm Vestigo Ventures is a seed and early-stage fintech focused VC firm. With a focus on banking, blockchain, cyber security, financial services, fintech, insurtech, operating systems, retirement, trading platform, and wealth management solutions, Vestigo Ventures is a valuable resource for businesses in need of financial support and guidance.


Empowering Web3 Professional Identity with Blockchain Career Management ExecBlock is a company that empowers Web3 professional identity with blockchain career management. With a focus on blockchain, human resources, and software solutions, ExecBlock is committed to helping professionals take control of their careers in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.


Digital Platforms for Industrial Digital Transformation Aventior is a global technology company that uses digital platforms to assist industrial clients in their digital transformation journey. With a focus on blockchain, consulting, internet of things, and life science solutions, Aventior is a valuable partner for businesses looking to take their operations to the next level.


An Open and Decentralized Currency Built on Blockchain Technology Vertcoin is an open and decentralized currency built on blockchain technology. With a focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech solutions, Vertcoin is a valuable resource for businesses looking to expand their payment options and explore the potential of blockchain technology.


Spikewell is a technology services company that provides data science, machine learning, application development, data engineering, and blockchain implementation services to its clients. The company specializes in creating custom software solutions and helps businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies to streamline their operations and gain a competitive advantage. Spikewell has a team of experienced professionals who work with clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Spherical Analytics

Spherical Analytics is a startup that develops environmental impact solutions using big data, machine learning, and blockchain technologies. The company’s goal is to help businesses reduce their environmental impact by providing them with data-driven insights and recommendations. Spherical Analytics works with clients across various industries, including energy, agriculture, and transportation, to develop custom solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals.


Onarbor is a blockchain-based publishing and funding platform that allows creators to monetize their content without relying on traditional advertising revenue. The platform is built on the Bitcoin blockchain, which ensures transparency and security for creators and their audiences. Onarbor aims to create a sustainable ecosystem where creators can focus on producing quality content without worrying about revenue streams.


BlockTEST is a startup that develops and optimizes blockchain solutions for supply chain management. The company’s platform allows businesses to track products and transactions across the supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability. BlockTEST also provides consulting services to help businesses integrate blockchain technology into their operations and gain a competitive advantage.


SSOT HEALTH BLOCKCHAIN provides a blockchain platform as a service (BPaaS) for the healthcare industry. The company’s platform allows healthcare providers to securely store and share patient data, ensuring data privacy and security. SSOT HEALTH BLOCKCHAIN aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by leveraging blockchain technology to streamline operations, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

Token Commons

Token Commons is a nonprofit organization that supports open-source research and development of blockchain technologies and applications. The organization aims to create a robust ecosystem of blockchain solutions that can be used to solve real-world problems. Token Commons supports projects that promote security, privacy, and decentralization and works with industry partners to ensure the adoption of these solutions.


Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to many exciting blockchain startups that are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems. From identity management and compliance software to environmental impact solutions, these startups are using blockchain to transform various industries. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see what new innovations these startups will bring to the market.

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